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Paradigm Shift Soundscape Powered Soundbar

Paradigm Shift Soundscape Powered Soundbar


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5.1 Powered Soundbar

Soundscape: Landscaping with sound. Ideal for flat panels 50" and up. 7 high-performance drivers deliver an engaging surround-sound experience. 7 x 50 watts Peak Power. Digital optical & analog stereo inputs for direct hook-up of Blu-ray, DVD/CD player, gaming console, satellite receiver or other external source. DSP-based amplifier design.

What makes Soundscape a standout product?

Paradigm award-winning sound quality! It's a giant sonic step above anything available at the big box stores. Paradigm engineering delivers four beautifully designed 4" composite cone woofers that serve up deliciously deep bass. Our own Digital Signal Processing platform makes sure every note of that bass is clean and musical. Tailor the listening experience with switchable EQ modes to suit placement on a wall or flat surface. Action packed movies or multichannel music? With Dolby Digital encoded material, turn on the Dedicated Movie Mode with Paradigm Virtual Surround for a breathtaking surround experience (full details on this later). Switch to Music Mode for 2-channel listening. Bluetooth capability with aptX coding for high quality audio streaming. Charge Bluetooth devices from another room while continuing playback in the same room. A subwoofer's not necessary, but one can be added (sold separately), a transmitter is built in and a wireless sub receiver is included.

Who is Soundscape Designed For?

Anyone who wants top quality sound in a space-saving format.

Closeup on Features!

  • Sound quality! Video is important but it's the audio that brings music and movies to life!
  • Bass ... shocking in its high output and deep extension!
  • Fast, non-technical setup.
  • Perfect for small living spaces where traditional speaker setups are too large. Also ideal in secondary areas ... den, bedroom, home office, etc.
  • Operates via a full-function remote or onboard top-panel interface controlling Power, Volume and syncing of an external subwoofer.
  • IR Learning. Most cable or satellite TV's and universal remotes can learn Soundscape functionality. Discrete HEX codes for custom integration. System can be configured to accept two separate remotes.
  • Inputs: 2 x digital optical; 1 x digital coaxial; 1 analog RCA; 1 x SubOut for wired subwoofer connection; 1 x wireless SubOut; 1 x Bluetooth. Connections can be made from Soundscape or the TV.

Behind the scenes?

Special Soundscape features and why they're important

The three full-range driver complements are physically separated into separate channels within the cabinet. This ensures sound from all channels travels widely throughout the room. A nice change from typical soundbars on the market, stereo imaging is immaculate. Superb reproduction of the original live event or original recording session. You'll find yourself dodging and ducking as special effects and surround sound flies around the room ... a true edge-of-the-seat movie experience.

4" high-power bass/midrange woofers: Our composite cone woofers deliver a superb low-mass, high-stiffness ratio. What's the benefit? Excellent sound reproduction in the higher midrange and fast transient response (explosions, special effects are heard and felt!).

3 x 1" high-power ferro-fluid-cooled dome tweeters: Ah! The purity of pure-aluminum dome tweeters. A rarity at this price. What's the benefit? Ferro-fluid cooling the voice coil radically improves power handling so that reaching the high notes is never a problem.

Soundscape Specifications


Bass reflex design. 7 drivers each powered by a separate amplifier channel. 3 isolated physical channels: Left channel and right channel each feature a 2-way, 2-driver complement. Center channel features 3 drivers. DSP Digital Signal Processing. Paradigm Virtual Surround.


Digital 3rd-order electro-acoustic at 2 kHz; digital second order at 80 Hz.


7 x 50 watts Peak Power / 7 x 25-watts RMS Sustained

Frequency Response   On-Axis

±2 dB 40 Hz – 20 kHz

High Frequency Driver

3 x 25-mm (1") S-PAL™ pure-aluminum dome tweeters.

Mid/Bass Frequency Driver

4 x 122-mm (4") composite cones, 25-mm (1") voice coils.

Low Frequency Extension

30 Hz (DIN*)
* DIN 45 500. Indicates - 3 dB in a typical listening room.

Sensitivity   Room / Anechoic

88 dB / 85 dB @ 0.1 Vrms input / Volume 88


Gloss Black


2 x digital optical; 1 x digital coaxial; 1 x analog RCA; 1 x SubOut for wired subwoofer connection; 1 x wireless SubOut; 1 x Bluetooth.


20 lbs. (9.1 kg)

Dimensions   HxWxD
Including 2 preattached feet

5.5" × 42" × 5"
(14cm × 106.7cm × 12.7cm)


1 x Wireless subwoofer receiver with DC adaptor;
1 x remote control with 2 ‘AAA’ batteries;
2 x factory preattached feet;
1 x wall-mounting bracket with screws;
1 x power cord;
1 x RCA shielded 1.8-m (6’) cable;
1 x optical cable.