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Paradigm PV 160 (Pair)

Paradigm PV 160 (Pair)


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Product Overview

Behind Every Good Speaker … lies a good design! While many in-wall / in-ceiling speakers may look good, it’s what’s behind the speaker that counts! The design and technology … the stuff you can’t see, but if not ‘done right’ results in a poor-sounding speaker. Behind every PV speaker is a combination of design, technology and engineering that is simply unheard of in this entry-level segment of the market. In fact, PV speakers take our industry-leading Performance and Value to an entirely new level.

Textured Pure Silk Domes with ferro-fluid cooling and damping promote clear and well-extended high-frequency response, superb transparency and a tremendous spaciousness.

Mineral-Filled Polypropylene Cones deliver natural, detailed midrange performance in addition to smooth, well-articulated and well-extended bass response.

Rigid IRP™ Injection-Molded Ribbed Polymer Chassis.

Easy Installation! Unique hidden spring clamps make installation a snap!

A word about Paradigm Fireproof Backboxes

Paradigm in-wall applications can now be spec’d for MDU applications.

Paradigm backboxes meet the following:
• ‘One-Hour Fire-Rating’ requirements
• ‘For Use in Air Handling Spaces’ requirements

Paradigm backboxes will contain fire, gas, smoke and heat within the enclosure for up to one hour. Paradigm backboxes also meet the following codes:

ASTM E119-98 Vertical
ASTM E119-98 Horizontal
UBC 7-1
UL 2043
CAN/ULC S101-M89



2-driver, 2-way in-wall / in-ceiling, IRP™ chassis / spring clamps


2nd-order electro-acoustic at 2.5 kHz

Frequency Response   On-Axis

±2 dB from 70 Hz - 20 kHz

Frequency Response   30° Off-Axis

±2 dB from 70 Hz - 18 kHz

High Frequency Driver

25-mm (1 in) silk dome

Mid/Bass Frequency Driver

165-mm (6-1/2 in) mineral-filled polypropylene cone

Low Frequency Extension

55 Hz (DIN)

Sensitivity   Room / Anechoic

89 dB / 85 dB


Compatible with 8 ohms

Suitable Amplifier Power Range

15 - 80 watts

Maximum Input Power

50 watts


White, paintable


4.9 lbs. (2.2 kg)

Overall Dimensions

11.25" (28.6cm) Height 
8.1875" (20.8cm) Width 
" (0.0cm) Depth 

Cut-Out Dimensions

10" (25.4cm) Height 
7" (17.8cm) Width 

Minimum Mounting Depth
Depth required is the distance
between 1/2" drywall, or similar material.

2.5625" (6.5cm)

Minimum Internal Volume Required

0.42 cu ft (12 L)