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Product Overview

The Digitalview DRR-103 is a class leading Digital Radio Receiver supporting the latest advances in digital and analog radio reception including Pause Live Radio for digital reception. The DRR-103 allows the listener to tune to any of their available local DAB+ and FM/RDS broadcasts, anywhere in Australia. Connecting the DRR-103 to any existing hi-fi system is extremely easy. The user has a choice of using analog or digital audio formats. All information related to reception and the operation of the DRR-103 is provided on a large high contrast LCD display. Where simple system integration is required for home automation, the DRR-103 provides an IR control interface. The DRR-103 styling is designed to visually complement any existing hi-fi or music listening installation, based on individual system components. Overall construction is of the highest quality, with all mechanical and electronic parts selected to provide long term reliability.

Main Features

• DAB+ and FM/RDS Reception

• Pause Live Radio with Fast Forward And Rewind (160 minutes duration)

• 20 User Assignable Presets

• FM radio reception with RDS

• Digital Audio Output - S/PDIF Optical and Coaxial

• Home Automation Control Interface - IR with 3.5mm RTS socket

• Hi-Fi Component Footprint (430mm width)

• Complies with MEPS for low power (<1w) in="" standby="">


  Type   Digital / Analog Radio Receiver (DAB+/FM)
  Frequency Range  
   - FM   87.50MHz to 108MHz
   - DAB+ Band 3   174.928MHz to 239.20MHz
   - L-Band   1452.960MHz - 1490.624MHz
  Supported Audio Formats   AAC+
  Frequency Response  
   - FM   Frequency Response FM: Typically 20Hz - 12.5 kHz @ -3db
   - DAB+   Typically 20Hz - 20 kHz and only limited by broadcast
  Analog Audio O/P   20Hz - 20 KHz
   - FM   -108dbm typical
   - DAB and L-Band    - 97dbm typical
  Signal to Noise  
   - FM   50dbA typical
   - DAB   99dbA typical
  THD Distortion (Analog Output)   0.01% typical
  Signal to Noise (Analog Output)   97db typical
  Antenna Input Impedance   - DAB, DAB+, FM 75 ohm
  Digital Audio Output/s    S/PDIF - Optical and Coaxial
  Analog Audio Output   L & R Channels (RCA)
  Pause Live Radio Duration    160 minutes with Fast Forward and Rewind functionality relative to the current time
  Discrete IR    3.5mm ring/tip socket
  Input Voltage / Frequency    180 - 265VAC / 47-60Hz
  Power Consumption (max.)   (max.) < 5="" />
  Power Consumption in Standby   < 1="" />
  Operating Temperature   0 - 50oC / 5% -90% Non-condensing
  Dimensions (max.)   430mm(W) x 207mm(D) x 66mm(H)
  Warranty   One Year